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Striving for Progress


Hawthorn Muscat offers English language training for individuals, businesses and government. It provides a full range of general, academic and specialist programs for students to develop their English skills for academic, professional or personal goals.
Hawthorn Muscat has a long and successful history of providing high quality English language education, offering an impressive range of English language programs incorporating state-of-the-art technology, qualified teachers and personalized service.


Our Mission

Hawthorn Muscat aims to provide an exciting, friendly, professional, and stimulating language-learning atmosphere with the best materials available to help you be successful and competitive as you pursue your academic, business, and/or personal objectives.


Our Goals at Hawthorn Muscat

  • Help you achieve the superior language skills that are needed for success in an academic and/or professional setting.
  • Enable you to reach and exceed your personal goals on university and/or company admissions tests as well as in the IELTS exam.
  • Build an environment of understanding and acceptance for all students regardless of ethnicity, age, nationality, gender.
  • Go the extra mile to help ensure your success!



Our Staff and Experience


Our experienced teachers use the finest methods and most modern teaching techniques available to facilitate your success in an enjoyable, dynamic environment. Hawthorn teachers are native and near-native English speakers with extensive teaching experience; our full-time teachers hold diplomas in teaching English as a Foreign Language.